Low Fat Soup Recipe from Elaine McGowan Weight Loss SpecialistThis soup is a perfect transition through the gamut of flavours as we move into autumn. By roasting the squash you will fill your home with a wonderful aroma. Winter squash, like other colourful veggies, are rich in carotenes. Carotenes are the compounds that give winter squashes like butternut and pumpkin and carrots their yellow, orange or red colours. They are powerful plant components that have demonstrated a potential benefit in cancer prevention and in reducing the development of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Ingredients (serves 4)

  • 6 large tomatoes
  • 2 red onions
  • 1 large butternut squash
  • 1 stick of celery
  • 1 medium red pepper, deseeded
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 red chilli, deseeded


1. Preheat oven to 190 degrees, gas mark 5.

2. Cut tomatoes, squash, onion, pepper, celery and carrot into chunks and finely dice the garlic and chilli.

3. Place all the vegetables into a large roasting tin.

4. Season generously with salt, pepper and toss together.

5. Place in oven for 45 minutes turning evenly every 15 minutes.

6. Place vegetables in food processor with 500ml of boiling water and blitz until smooth.

7. Pour through a sieve into a large deep saucepan, pressing down with a ladle to squash the vegetable puree through the mesh.

8. Add another 500ml of boiling water to the smooth soup. Bring to the boil and simmer for 2-3 minutes.

9. Season to taste.

Low FODMAP diet tip: Make this a low FODMAP recipe by omitting the garlic and onion.

To make an appointment to discuss your weight loss needs and concerns, please contact your nearest Elaine McGowan Dietetic Clinic.

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Facts About... ...New Food Pyramid - Elaine McGowan Diet Clinic Dublin, Ennis and Limerick

The Minister for Health, Dr. James Reilly, recently announced changes to the food pyramid.

The top shelf of the pyramid has changed. It now focuses on typical foods and drinks from this shelf that contains approximately 100 calories and the need to restrict servings of these to a maximum of 1 per day.

Alcohol is now also included in the top shelf as it contributes calories to the diet.

There are also new guidelines on portion sizes and all advice is tailored to the Irish population for people across four age groups from 5 to 51+ years leading active and non-active lifestyles.

For more information, please visit:
www.dohc.ie/publications/yourguide_ foodpyramid.html

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Record everything you eat and drink in a diary

Plan meals in advance

Do not store unhealthy foods and snacks in the house

Eat before you become hungry

Do not go shopping on an empty stomach

Avoid fried foods

Use less butter or try low fat spread

Replace whole milk with low fat milk

Increase foods high in fibre, e.g. fruit, veg, pulses, brown rice, pasta and wholemeal bread

Eat a wide variety of foods

Drink plenty of water

Eat slowly

Limit time spent in front of the tv/computer

Try to take regular exercise

Finally it is important to remember that losing weight takes time. Long term healthy eating habits are the best way to lose weight, crash diets tend to cause large weight loss but quick weight regain.

To make an appointment to discuss your weight loss needs and concerns, please contact your nearest Elaine McGowan Dietetic Clinic.

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I have suffered with IBS like symptoms on and off since I was at university, but it was only after getting a mild vomiting bug about a year ago that my symptoms worsened. I was put on a course of anti-spasmodic tablets to try and alleviate the excessive bloating and nausea and they worked…. for a while! Within a few months my symptoms reappeared and this time they were much worse and beginning to have a serious impact on my quality of life.

I had nausea 24/7, excessive gas, fatigue, constipation and occasional vomiting but worst of all was the bloating. It was so extreme that by evening time, I easily looked seven months pregnant and couldn’t fit into clothes that I had worn when I was two stone heavier.

I tried to limit certain foods in my diet but it never seemed to make a real difference and I was becoming more and more frustrated. Finally when I went to see my GP one morning, unable to sit down from the iscomfort in my stomach, she referred me to a consultant gastroenterologist. All investigations came back negative and she referred me to Elaine McGowan to consider if my food intake was contributing significantly to my symptoms.

Elaine requested that I fill out a food diary for two weeks prior to my first visit and, on review, established that 80% of the food I was consuming was likely to be causing my symptoms. Elaine suggested that I go on a low FODMAP diet, a recently proven dietary therapy for IBS. Elaine clearly explained the foods that I should eat and those to avoid and after only a few days I felt a remarkable improvement in my symptoms. After four weeks of strictly following the diet, Elaine then guided me on how to reintroduce the trigger foods into my diet and educated me on how to establish my own level of tolerance for each food type.

Two months on and the difference is incredible. All of my symptoms have disappeared and I am much wiser as to the foods that can cause me discomfort.

On the down side, eating out is definitely a challenge and you do need to be better prepared to make sure you have the right foods in the cupboard but it’s a small sacrifice to make considering the tremendous
benefits I feel.

To learn more about the FODMAP diet and how this can help your IBS symptons, please see here.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas from Elaine McGowan Weight Loss Specialists Dublin

To make an appointment to discuss your weight loss needs and concerns, please contact your nearest Elaine McGowan Dietetic Clinic.

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Ingredients (serves 2)

  • 4-5 large eggs
  • 2 tbsp water
  • Sea salt and black milled pepper
  • 250g baby spinach, washed and dried
  • Roughly chopped handful of fresh herbs (e.g. parsley, chives, basil or tarragon)
  • 50g feta cheese
  • Olive oil and butter to coat pan


1. Add the water to the eggs, season with a pinch of salt and pepper and beat lightly with a fork.

2. Heat a non-stick frying pan add a knob of butter, add spinach and cook for 1 minute until wilted, remove and set aside withfeta and herbs.

3. Heat the pan to a high temperature, brush with olive oil, pour in egg mix, give a quick stir and then start drawing the egg in from the side of the pan with a fork letting the runny egg fill the gaps, go around the pan once doing this.

4. Scatter the herbs, wilted spinach and feta on top of the omelette, season with more milled black pepper, carefully fold over 1/3 of omelette over the middle then the other 1/3.

5. Remove from pan, portion into 2 servings with a tossed salad.

To learn more about the FODMAP diet and how this can help your IBS symptons, please see here.

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Aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging, swimming and cycling is great for your health. This exercise does not need to be performed at high intensity; you can go at a slow steady pace and build your fitness levels up over time. Aerobic exercise is beneficial for lowering your body fat, losing weight and increasing heart fitness. Exercise is essential as you get older to maintain muscle mass and bone strength.

Scheduling regular exercise into your week helps reduce stress levels, increases concentration and improves the quality of your sleep.

Practical Tip:

Why not put a reminder in your phone or diary for weekly exercise. Too often these days time slips by while on the computer or watching television.
Don’t become a couch potato, try to get moving today!

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BMI (Body Mass Index) is a measure of body fat based on weight (kg) and height (m). Calculated by dividing your weight (in kilograms) by your height (in metres) squared. e.g. kg/m2.

Body Mass Index - Elaine McGowan Diet Clinics Dubline

In Ireland, 38% of the population is considered overweight and a further 23% are obese, this means that over half of the population are at risk of weight related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer amongst others.

Want to know your BMI? Check out our Body Mass Index Calculator here.

To make an appointment to discuss your weight loss needs and concerns, please contact your nearest Elaine McGowan Dietetic Clinic.

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Weight Loss Tips at Elaine McGowan Weight Loss Clinic Dublin

To lose 1lb of fat from our bodies we need to reduce consumption or burn off 3500 calories per week, this is 500 calories per day

Making simple changes to your diet can help you cut calories while still eating healthily

For example you could swap this baguette for a sandwich and save over 1000 calories!

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Elaine McGowan Weight Loss ClinicsTuesday the 17th November, 2010 is a red letter day for me because that was the day I first met Elaine McGowan at her clinic in Ennis.

That day was the start of a programme that has changed my life completely as far as my health and mobility is concerned. I was recovering from a road traffic accident, which left me totally immobile for almost three years. On medical advice, I had to consume all kinds of food in order to build up calcium in order to try and heal shattered bones. As a consequence my weight ballooned to over 23 stone 9 lbs (150kg).

Though I tried lots of different diets nothing worked. Coming from a background where it was thought of as unmanly or even a sign of weakness for a man to visit a doctor never mind a dietician, it took a lot of resolve and coaxing from my G.P. and my wife for me to take the plunge and boy am I glad I did.

Elaine approached my problem of morbid obesity with sensitivity, patience and above all understanding. She eventually got me to a point where I would feel that I would let her down but more importantly let myself down if I didn’t meet my target each month. The amazing thing about the diet that she devised for me was that I felt I was actually eating as much, if not more than I was before, but in the proper proportions and the proper kind of foods. After 14 months I have lost in excess of 8 stone (50kg). The difference it has made to my life and that of my wife and family is truly amazing.

I can now go into a restaurant or pub without the fear of when I stood up the chair would come with me, or go on a bus or train and not have to look for two seats for myself. I would never have achieved this without the expertise, motivation and dedication of Elaine and to her I am truly grateful.

To make an appointment to discuss your weight loss needs and concerns, please contact your nearest Elaine McGowan Dietetic Clinic.

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Eoin Ryan is a keen cyclist competing in events around Ireland (funds raised go to the South Kerry Mental Health Services). Eoin sought Elaine’s advice regarding a diet that would give him the energy he needed to complete his newest venture whilst preventing any gastric symptoms such as bloating, gurgling, feeling of lethargy.

Elaine decided the best dietary advice for Eoin would be for him to follow a high calorie high carbohydrate low FODMAP diet. Eoin took part in The Race Around Ireland in September and before the event we asked him to share some information about it

“The Race Around Ireland is a race in the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association world cup series. It starts in Trim, Co. Meath on the 9th September and was in effect a 2,172km time trial around Ireland finishing in Navan, Co. Meath. It offers a unique challenge to competitors who have to overcome fatigue, the elements and the rugged Irish landscape, all whilst racing against fellow competitors.

‘Well I made it to South Kerry, 1,384km roughly, absolutely amazed with the support from everyone out on the side of the road. Had a bit of a twinge in left ankle too which the doc looked at, that was the chilles! Not ruptured but ice and rest recommended. The doctor said it was against his advice to carry on, on two counts. So unfortunately I had to make the awful decision to retire from the race while in second place. A big thank you to the crew who got me this far around and to all who supported the five charities involved.’

Eoin reported that the high calorie, high carbohydrate, low FODMAP diet worked very well in sustaining his energy levels and he had no stomach or bowel difficulties during the 1,384kms that he cycled. He found the diet most beneficial.

To learn more about Sport’s Nutrition and how the Elaine McGowan Dietetic Clinics can help you, please click here.

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Welcome to the Spring/Summer Newsletter from Elaine McGowan Dietetic Clinics. It’s a great time of the year to kick start a healthy eating regime and there are lots of interesting features in this newsletter to get you motivated. We have included four patient success stories, each one very different, we think you will find them all inspirational.

In our last newsletter we introduced the low FODMAP diet which is scientifi cally proven and recommended as one of the most effective dietary therapies for functional gut disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. We would like to remind you what the diet is and who it’s aimed at.

Childhood and adolescent obesity is one of our most pressing public health challenges in Ireland. We take a look at the rising levels of overweight and obesity.

There has been a growing focus on displaying calories on menus recently; we remind you what your daily energy intake should be. We also summarise what to watch out for on food labels. There’s nothing like a goal to motivate you so whether it’s a holiday, summer party or simply wanting to feel better about yourself, why not try to incorporate exercise and healthy eating into your daily routine this summer.

Wishing you good health and energy for the summer months ahead.
Best Wishes


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I was referred to Elaine as I was overweight (102kg/16 stone) with high cholesterol.

Although I was nearly 51 years of age I had recently taken up cycling in an effort to get fit and lose weight but was disappointed not to be making significant progress. My ambition was to complete the cycling event “Lap The Lough” 134km in August in a respectable time. I had the training schedule but could not shake the weight.

When I met with Elaine her approach was simple and practical without any special or expensive foods required. She advised me on how to change my eating habits so I was never hungry even when out for long spins on the bike. She gave me an understanding of the right types of food to eat before and after cycling as well eating well on a normal day. In all cases portion control proved to be key. Yes I needed to consume carbohydrates before a long event but not too much.

I followed Elaine’s advice and was monitored regularly. My weight reduced from 102kg/16 stone to reach my target weight of 83kg/13 stone and I successfully cycled “Lap the Lough”. I attend Elaine every six months and now weigh 83kg (13 stone) and enjoy a 100km cycle on a regular basis. With the change in my eating habits I can now maintain my weight.

The eating plan outlined by Elaine has proved to be practical and effective and my cholesterol is now normal without having to take any medication.

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Elaine specialises in the low FODMAP diet and has been implementing the diet successfully in her practice
since November 2010. Elaine has seen a significant improvement in her patients’ symptoms since introducing
the low FODMAP diet and is having continued success with this diet.

The low FODMAP diet is the latest treatment for IBS in Ireland and is now accepted and recommended as one of
the most effective dietary therapies for functional gut disorders such as IBS.

The word FODMAP itself is an acronym referring to the following;Fermentable, Oligo-saccharides, Di-saccharides, Monosaccarides and Polyols.

The major FODMAPs are fructose, fructans, galactans, polyols and lactose. In people with gastrointestinal symptoms, a diet high in FODMAPs can cause diarrhoea and/or constipation, bloating, wind, nausea and abdominal pain.

Removing foods high in FODMAPs from the diet is effective in improving symptoms of people with functional gut disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

To make an appointment for the low FODMAP dietary programme please contact your nearest Elaine McGowan Dietetic Clinic.

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My name is Garrett MacNamee. I’m 22 years of age and I once weighed a staggering 24 stone (336lbs, 153Kg).

Since visiting Elaine McGowan and under her guidance, I’ve lost over 10 stone (140lbs, 64Kg) over the past two years.

After a routine check up with the doctor, I was told to stand on the scales. To my surprise, it
showed that I was only four stone. The doctor’s face wasn’t one of confusion, but more disbelief.

The scales had done a full circle and that four stone was my weight on top of the 20 stone maximum to which the scales had been calibrated. After blood tests a plenty, I received news that my liver was depositing fat at an alarming rate and I was well on the way to Type 2 Diabetes. That wiped the smug look off my face. I had convinced myself that I was big, but not too big. Ignorance was bliss.

So what got me to this point? One word; addiction. I got hooked on everything I possibly could. Coca-Cola, chips, biscuits, chicken fillet rolls (with extra taco sauce). At one point I was knocking back 6 litres of Coke a day. Delicious. But it was killing me. Simple as that. Pints on top of this made it a horrible cycle. I’d eat crap during the day, drink at night-time with the lads and then have that hangover binge the next day.

So a combination of binge drinking, that sense of togetherness with the guys coupled with that beautifully demoralising sense of self-loathing created the 24 stone behemoth that didn’t care what he ate, drank or looked like.

Well I’m happy to say he no longer exists and to everyone out there who prefers to live in denial and not care anymore, I say to you; there is hope. Take things one day at a time and remember; every passing moment is a chance to turn it all around.

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About Elaine

Elaine graduated from Trinity College with a B.Sc., (Hons) in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. She gained wide experience working as clinical nutritionist in several hospitals prior to establishing her first private dietetic clinic in 1992.

Private Practice Experience
Elaine has gained vast experience specialising in providing private individual dietetic consultations for her clients in her clinics for the past 17 years. In recent years, her main areas of interest are weight management, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and nutrition and gastro-enterology.

Elaine is an active member of the INDI and was chairperson of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic weight management interest group from 2005 to 2007.

Dietetic and Nutrition Consultancy
Elaine has provided dietetic consultancy to a wide range of industries including private hospitals, hotels and catering companies. She has designed, piloted, implemented and coordinated workplace wellbeing programmes for several prominent companies and large international corporations.