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Sports NutritionThe finish line of the 2012 Dublin Marathon in Merrion Square on 29 October marked the culmination of months of hard training for husband and wife Michele and Tony Hamilton. The training regime adopted was one where diet was as important as the miles run in the build up to the marathon.

“Myself and my wife Michele are keen runners. Not only is running a way to get fi t, it is great to release
stress from the pressures of everyday life. It is also a way to enjoy the adrenaline rush of running with thousands of other like-minded individuals on the streets of Dublin or the back roads of Limerick. We got the running bug back in 2009 and since then we have ran the Dublin Marathon four times. We have managed to shave off 40 minutes from both our first marathon finishing times in the Dublin marathon, achieving personal bests of 3hr 34 minutes and 3hr 44 minutes respectively this year.

We approached Elaine back in May 2010 to seek dietary advice in order to lose weight and to aid our training regime. Our training involves runs up to 4 times a week, starting from May to October, with distances ranging from 4 miles up to 23 miles in October. Returning home from training late in the evenings meant that we had no structure around our meals and nutrition. Initially we believed that this intense training regime would give us a passport to eat whatever we wanted, from chips to Mars Bars! We couldn’t
understand why we weren’t losing weight after all our running. We found rather than losing weight we were struggling to stay at an even weight.

We sought advice off Elaine and after she saw our eating diaries she recommended a low and controlled carbohydrate diet. We believe this decision to get help from Elaine changed our lives. We got a shock
when Elaine told us that we were “really partying” when it came to our eating habits and that if we hadn’t started the running the previous year we would both be two stone heavier! Elaine quickly recommended a complete change to our diet. We would have to learn to control our carb intake dependent upon the intensity level of the training. It meant that we cut down on unmeasured portions of pasta and potatoes, eliminated sugar in our diet in the form of biscuits and chocolate bars, and embraced our new best friend porridge. She also departed great dietary advice concerning hydration, starting food diaries, and cutting down
alcohol intake.

The results of the new food plans are that we have both lost weight – Michele 9.2kg (1.5 stone) and Tony 6.3kg (1 stone). We can now maintain healthy body weights, and stay injury free. More importantly we have been able to drastically improve our running times and are comfortable and confident both in and out of our running clothes. Visiting Elaine has changed our lives as she has taught us how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, something we feel we would not have been able to achieve on our own.

Eoin Ryan is a keen cyclist competing in events around Ireland (funds raised go to the South Kerry Mental Health Services). Eoin sought Elaine’s advice regarding a diet that would give him the energy he needed to complete his newest venture whilst preventing any gastric symptoms such as bloating, gurgling, feeling of lethargy.

Elaine decided the best dietary advice for Eoin would be for him to follow a high calorie high carbohydrate low FODMAP diet. Eoin took part in The Race Around Ireland in September and before the event we asked him to share some information about it

“The Race Around Ireland is a race in the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association world cup series. It starts in Trim, Co. Meath on the 9th September and was in effect a 2,172km time trial around Ireland finishing in Navan, Co. Meath. It offers a unique challenge to competitors who have to overcome fatigue, the elements and the rugged Irish landscape, all whilst racing against fellow competitors.

‘Well I made it to South Kerry, 1,384km roughly, absolutely amazed with the support from everyone out on the side of the road. Had a bit of a twinge in left ankle too which the doc looked at, that was the chilles! Not ruptured but ice and rest recommended. The doctor said it was against his advice to carry on, on two counts. So unfortunately I had to make the awful decision to retire from the race while in second place. A big thank you to the crew who got me this far around and to all who supported the five charities involved.’

Eoin reported that the high calorie, high carbohydrate, low FODMAP diet worked very well in sustaining his energy levels and he had no stomach or bowel difficulties during the 1,384kms that he cycled. He found the diet most beneficial.

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