Patient Story: Lisa from Dublin, 26 year old Dublin


“I have had problems with my stomach for a very long time – probably since I was about 12. My symptoms were really uncomfortable: bad heart burn which, in turn, caused chest pain, cramps in my stomach and diarrhoea.

“I had an operation last year to reduce the amount of acid in my stomach. Despite this, I still felt unwell, although the symptoms weren’t to the extent they were before the operation. Still, I was taking 40 micrograms of Nexium a day, as well as lots of Gaviscon!

“I would found it extremely difficult to eat out or to eat different foods and I began eating the same meals all the time to avoid upsetting my stomach. I also lost a lot of weigh as, when my stomach became sore, I wouldn’t eat and, as a result, I was often very tired and run down.

“I felt awful about it all and, to be honest, I wondered was I going a little crazy because my stomach was always at me!

“What finally encouraged me to see a specialist again was that I didn’t like how skinny I had become and I was becoming worried about my health. I went to see my GP and she referred me to a Consultant Gastroenterologist who, in turn, referred me to Elaine.

“At first, I was a little unsure as I didn’t think Elaine would be able to tell me anything new about my diet as I thought I had figured out what foods irritated my problem myself. Also, I had seen so many doctors in the past and as none of them had referred me to a dietitian so I assumed that, if it was going to have an impact on my condition that surely I would have been sent to see a dietitian years ago.

“How wrong I was. I only went to see Elaine once and the diet plan she gave me improved my condition so dramatically that I didn’t feel the need to go back. I am delighted that I have put on the amount of weight I felt I needed to in order to be healthy.

“It’s amazing – I feel a hundred times better than I did before seeing Elaine. In fact, I haven’t felt this good in years. Once I stick to the diet, I have very little acid reflux. Also, the cramps in my stomach have gone and my bowel movements are back to being normal.

“I have also been able to cut down on the acid reflux tablets I was taking. I was often taking one and, sometimes, even two 40 microgram tablets of Nexium each day. Now, I only take one maybe once a week, if even.

“Of course, I have the odd day when I come off the diet because I’m craving something I shouldn’t have, but I end up feeling so bad that it’s just not worth it so I am normally quite good at sticking to the diet.

“I would highly recommend Elaine as she is friendly, very approachable and she knows so much about all aspects of the diet. I am very glad I went to see her and finally had a solution to my stomach problems.”

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About Elaine

Elaine graduated from Trinity College with a B.Sc., (Hons) in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. She gained wide experience working as clinical nutritionist in several hospitals prior to establishing her first private dietetic clinic in 1992.

Private Practice Experience
Elaine has gained vast experience specialising in providing private individual dietetic consultations for her clients in her clinics for the past 17 years. In recent years, her main areas of interest are weight management, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and nutrition and gastro-enterology.

Elaine is an active member of the INDI and was chairperson of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic weight management interest group from 2005 to 2007.

Dietetic and Nutrition Consultancy
Elaine has provided dietetic consultancy to a wide range of industries including private hospitals, hotels and catering companies. She has designed, piloted, implemented and coordinated workplace wellbeing programmes for several prominent companies and large international corporations.